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Lisa worked with Lee to open CLGTC in 1992.   

Lisa was a level 10 gymnast and a graduate from Illinois State University with degrees in Education and Sociology.   

She taught 1st Grade for 4 years.  

She is a mother to 2 children, pictured with Lisa is daughter Kendall.  

Karen is our Recreational program director and coaches in the recreational program.

      Kera is our TOTS, Kindergym and Recreational program coach.

Heather was a gymnast for 12 years and competed for CLGTC as a Level 10.  Heather was a State Beam Champion and a member of a 1st place All-Around team at the Chicago Beach Meet.  She has been a member of the CLGTC staff since 2002.  Heather coaches our Girls Optional Competitive team.



Vladimir (also known as Lado ) was a 5x National, 2x European, 3x World, and 1x Olympic gold medallist with two skills named after him.  Lado was the first person in the world to perform a triple back on floor.  He has been a member of the CLGTC staff since 1994.  Lado coaches the women’s competitive team.

Elizabeth ( also known as Lizzie ) was a gymnast for CLGTC for 7 years.  Lizzie has been a gymnastics judge with a current Level 9 rating for 10 years and has been a clinician at various coaching and judging functions.  She is a graduate of Ripon College in Wisconsin, with a dual degree in Biology and Psychology.  She has been a member of the CLGTC staff since 1998.  Lizzie is our Compulsory and Xcel Competitive Team Director and coach.  



Opened CLGTC in 1992.

Over 35 years of coaching experience.

Graduate of Northern Illinois University Bachelors Degree in Physical Education.  Competed in college on a full gymnastics scholarship.  Had 11 junior gymnasts on the National team.

Coached 2 Olympic gymnasts; one being 3-time world champion and 2-time Olympian Kurt Thomas.

Colleen is our Pre-Team and Girls Competitive Team Coach.


Bre Bonham


       Bre is our Girls Competitive Team Coach.

Jenni has over 20 years of coaching experience.  Jenni is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Speech Communications.  She previously taught pre-school at ETC pre-school in Wauconda.  She has been a member of the CLGTC staff since 1998.  Jenni coaches in our TOTS, Pre-School, Little Flipper, and Hot Shot programs.  

Lexi coaches in our Pre-Team, and competitive team programs.

  Jake is our Girls Optional Competitive Team Coach.

Our Staff!

Leslie Wormer


      Leslie is our Compulsory Competitive Team Coach

Cathy Huffman


      Cathy is our Pre-Team and Competitive Team Coach

 Sarah is our Pre-Team and Competitive Team Coach











Lindsey coaches in our TOTS, Kindergym, recreational programs.

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Lisa Rumford

Jeanne is our competitive team coach and a USAG National Judge.

Lee Battaglia
Vladimir (Lado) Gogoladze
Jeanne Johnson
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Karen Grantham
Heather Gebhardt
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Berg
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Lindsay Berdelle

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