Coronavirus Precautions

Given current health and travel concerns, we wanted to provide you with an overview of the steps CLGTC is taking to keep our community safe and informed. We are closely monitoring the situation and following guidance from public health officials and government agencies, so we can make ongoing assessments and guidance as developments unfold.

At this time, all practices scheduled at CLGTC are still on. We are continually monitoring the situation and if there are any changes we will notify you immediately through our website, Facebook and email.

The cleanliness of our facility is always a priority to us. In addition to our regular cleaning procedures, increased sanitization measures are being added. Additional staff will be added to wipe down and disinfect all surfaces throughout the days and evenings. We will also have hand sanitizer stations available that we encourage our customers to use throughout their time within our facility (front desk, Kera’s corner and team area).

The Coronavirus and Influenza are spread by exposure to droplets via coughing and by contact with surfaces touched by an infected person. Touching an infected surface and then touching your face, eyes, mouth or nose is a preventable route of transmission. Some basic rules to help your athlete and your family stay safe:

– Wash your hands frequently with soap and water (at least 30 seconds and include your thumbs).
– Avoid touching your mouth, eyes or nose with your hands.
– Use alcohol-based sanitizers in addition to frequent hand-washing. – Clothes should be washed after games and practices.

– Support your immune system by having a vitamin rich diet. Fruits containing vitamin C are particularly important.
– Exercise is important to supporting a strong immune system.
– Keep hydrated and drink enough to keep mucous membranes moist.
– We will be shutting down our water fountain so please bring plenty of water for athletes.

– If an athlete, coach or staff member has symptoms such as coughing, fever, or difficulty breathing, they should contact their physician and NOT attend practice.

We will continue to make all efforts to ensure that our families and athletes are informed, safe and ready to compete. Please know that we are watching the situation carefully and will continue to proactively share updates as they occur.

Thank You, CLGTC